Dojo 1.6 Parser Confusion: What’s in a Widget, Anyway?

May 20, 2011 by Ken · 2 Comments 

Dojo 1.6 introduces a new alternative declarative markup syntax using HTML5 data attributes, with the aim of allowing definition of object instances via HTML without forcing users to write invalid markup. The new syntax primarily revolves around the use of data-dojo-type in lieu of dojoType, and a data-dojo-props attribute to hold any properties to be passed to the constructor’s first argument.

However, this new syntax brings with it some significant differences in behavior, which has caught many users off-guard. For instance, you might try something like this:

<input data-dojo-type="dijit.form.ValidationTextBox"
    id="tb_username" data-dojo-props="required: true"
    style="width: 300px;" name="username" value="bob"/>

You would be surprised, then, to observe that the widget appears to ignore your style, name, and value settings altogether. What gives? Let’s find out.

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