Let There Be Dojo

May 29, 2010 by Ken · Leave a Comment 

While I will certainly make attempts to throw in general JavaScript tidbits where appropriate, I expect that much of my blogging related to client-side JavaScript will be specifically geared towards development using the Dojo Toolkit.

Over the past 15 months, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to become acquainted with Dojo.  I read a decent chunk of Dojo: The Definitive Guide, which repeatedly impressed upon me how well-crafted parts of Dojo Core and Dijit are; it’s quite apparent a lot of thought went into this stuff.

After I spent some time getting my feet wet in actual code, I began hanging around the #dojo channel on freenode (circa July ’09), and was rather surprised at how quickly I was able to start helping other aspiring Dojo users.  As time passed, I noticed a few things… Read more

JavaScript is Serious Business.

May 22, 2010 by Ken · Leave a Comment 

The growth of JavaScript has fascinated me.  Ten or so years ago, it was mostly regarded as a neat little thing that you could use to add a little extra interactivity to your web pages; you could get by knowing bits and pieces and nothing more.

Things have changed.

Now JavaScript has become a crucial component of any web application which endeavors to attract users with a dynamic and intuitive interface.  However, standing between developers and that goal is a labyrinth of browser incompatibilities and a smattering of tricks and traps sure to ensnare the unwary.  Many libraries exist to ease this pain, but the bottom line remains: knowing bits and pieces is no longer enough; a firm grip is needed.

I’m certainly not going to claim I know nearly everything there is to know about JavaScript.  I make stupid mistakes all the time, and am always learning new things.  I don’t expect either of these to change, really (though I at least hope I won’t make the same stupid mistakes repeatedly).  But with that constant process of making mistakes, learning what went wrong, and learning what’s right (and how stuff really works), one’s grip grows ever firmer.

I’m just hoping that sharing some of my (and others’) experiences here might help you to fasten your grip as well.